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Recognize Your Potential


How Can You
Recognize Your Potential?

My objective is to deliver individual consultations, workshops and programs, professional development services, external reviews, and keynote addresses that will empower individuals and organizations to reach their potential. Since my background is in personality psychology and counseling, I approach the work from this perspective.

When individuals and organizations are faced with achieving goals and managing change, there is an inherent tendency to “get stuck.”  What I'm passionate about is helping individuals and organizations “get moving” toward their goals, whether they're students who want to make the honor roll or dean’s list, educators who wish to improve their teaching, administrators in need of developing and implementing successful programs, or leaders faced with managing short and long-term strategic goals and projects. I support individuals to adjust their mental processes (mindsets), so they can enact particular behaviors (strategies) to “recognize their potentials.” I help organizations with workplace culture and change management.

An influential psychologist, Carl Rogers, said that every human has a “phenomenal field” made up of their subjective experiences containing our needs, attitudes, and feelings.  Sometimes, within that phenomenal field, there are obstacles to our ability to grow, develop, and enact positive change, preventing us from reaching our potentials.  In my individual consultations, workshops and programs, professional development services, and keynote addresses, my aim is to challenge individuals and organizations to dig deep, reflect, and identify roadblocks that prevent them from reaching their potentials, and, making their phenomenal fields, well, phenomenal.

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How Can You
Recognize Your Potential?

Get your stakeholders motivated, excited, energized, and engaged. Book me for a keynote tailored to your audiences’ needs, whether it's assisting students to understand the pitfalls and challenges of college, helping parents to support their students from a healthy distance, helping educators inspire students, or getting businesses to turn their groups into effective teams. Let’s design a keynote topic together!

Book a workshop for your organization tailored to your professional development needs. Recent workshops include topics such as Individual and Organizational Strategies for Adapting to The Ever-changing Workplace, Making Meetings Work; Managing Multiple Priorities; Turning Groups Into Effective Teams; and Goal Setting; and The Challenges of Teaching Self-Regulatory Behaviors. 

Hire me to do an external review for a wide variety of curricula, programs, and services. Recent external reviews have included Disability Services and First-Year Experience and Advising at Berklee College of Music; Integrating Advising and Career Services, and Integrating Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Across the Curriculum for St. Mary’s College, and Academic Services Programs with a DEI focus for Providence College.

College is a huge transition for students and parents alike. Colleges and universities are struggling with the extent to which parents and families should be involved with their students’ higher education experiences.  I offer workshops and services to support all three stakeholders during the college years: families, students, and institutions of higher education

These workshops are designed either to be delivered directly to students or to faculty and administrators who wish to learn how to effectively teach success topics to students. Topics range from understanding self-regulatory behaviors, reading and note-taking strategies, developing self-advocacy skills, creating a healthy work-life balance, stress management or focusing in the digital age.  I will partner with you to develop a workshop to help you meet your students, faculty, and administrators “where they are at.”

Make an appointment for a one-on-one consultation.  Let me help you figure out how to recognize your potential. That is, do you have a goal and you just can’t figure out the steps to reach that goal?  Do you want to create a strategy for success or think about concrete ways to improve different areas of your life? Let’s talk about the potential barriers that may be preventing you from recognizing and realizing your potential.


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