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College Transition and Adjustment Workshops and Consultations 

For parents & families, students, and institutions of higher education.

The Details

College is a huge transition for students and parents alike. Colleges and universities are struggling with the extent to which parents and families should be involved with their students’ higher education experiences.  I offer workshops and services to support all three stakeholders during the college years: families, students, and institutions of higher education. For institutions topics include: Parents as Partners: Effective Strategies for Navigating the College Transition and Partnering With Parents: Institutional Strategies for Success. For families and students, topics are tailored to the audience and include: The Six Key Areas of College Adjustment, Helping Your Graduate Prepare for and Adapt to College Life: What Every Parent Should Know, Reaching Your Potential: Setting Goals and Motivating Yourself for Success, and Claiming Your Education: The High School to College Transition.

Additional Resources for Parents & Institutions of Higher Ed


The Off To Series

Your Freshman is Off to College: A Month-by-Month Guide to the First Year offers a handy month-by month guide for parents as the first year of college naturally unfolds. This book, dealing with serious topics, reflects a fun, informative look at the first year for parents of new college students, making “tongue-in-cheek” connections between a child’s first months of life to this newest important stage of development - freshman year.

Let's Develop Your Topic Together

I can work with parents and families to help high school students prepare for the college transition.  Once students are in college, I can help them manage the pitfalls and challenges of their college years and help them to be successful. Let's work together to find a topic that best suits your needs & your student's needs.

Sample Student Topics:
Sample Higher Ed & Parent Engagement Topics:
Sample Parent & Family Topics:

Your Freshman Is Off To College

Praise for the Off To Series

"As the parent of a brand-new college freshman, I am thrilled to have received Your Freshman Is Off to College. The fears and anxiety of dropping off my child are gone after reading this book, which provides realistic scenarios, advice and problem solving solutions. It is organized, informative and on target, addressing many facets of college life. The month-by-month timeline and 'real-time' advice is essential insight into where my child is at in each stage, and how/when/if to help. This book has helped me to help my child help himself."


--  Shannon McAloon Merkler of Belmar, NJ,

parent of a college freshman

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