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Keynote Addresses

The Details

Get your stakeholders motivated, excited, energized, and engaged. Book me for a keynote tailored to your audiences’ needs whether it’s assisting students to understand the pitfalls and challenges of college, helping parents to support their students from a healthy distance, helping educators inspire students, or getting businesses to turn their groups into effective teams. Let’s design a keynote topic together!

Previous Keynote Addresses

Understanding and Cultivating
The Habits of Mind of
Successful Leaders
Cultivating The Habits of Mind for Academic Achievement
and Lifelong Learning

Let's Develop Your Topic Together

Keynote topics can be tailored for your audience and organizational needs. Let’s talk about what you are trying to accomplish and we will design an engaging and inspiring keynote to get your participants energized and excited.

Previous Topics:

ArkADE Conference 2017

"Inspiring Student Success: Cultivating the Ten Habits of Mind for College Achievement and Lifelong Learning"

"Laurie's keynote was a hilarious, thought-provoking, and research-based presentation on what we can do as educators to help students cultivate the "ten habits of mind." It was full of practical strategies that are grounded in sound scholarship, which is a wonderful balance for those who deal with the day-to-day challenges of helping our college students learn."


-- Amy Baldwin, Ed.D., Senior Lecturer,

University of Central Arkansas

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